Odd Man Out: Breaking The Vow of Male Silence
There is a hidden code of masculine conduct in our world today that leaves men tormented by a secret shame and unable to connect with the people in their lives.

Nobody wants to talk about it, yet with every male suicide, we feel the malignant influence this code has over us, the impact it makes on all of us - men, women and children. Men have learned to abide by an unspoken set of rules and to stay silent about it.

The basic rules are: Don't feel. Don't ever talk about feelings. Don't cry. Don't show weakness to anyone. Man up. Be strong. Work hard. Suffer in silence. 

And we are living out this legacy at great cost.

-- -- --

Yet... men are waking up. We are beginning to talk about it. A new code is being created - the code of honesty.

This groundbreaking new book, Odd Man Out: Breaking the Vow of Male Silence launches in Spring 2017. Sign up for updates and to receive a free chapter.

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